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2009-07-23 02:48:31 by FlashM2

so long, to long since I post ANYTHING to this site (that's finished flash videos,etc.). well so much has happen since I did the music that was up a long time ago. so 1. We (as in overplay and I) are colliding into one studio (whatever you call it) so the safety video #2 is made by the same people (just us). 2. A site is going to be up about us (when we can get a sever) so we won't be restricted to some memory space per flash. 3. if you're wonder why I don't go on this site as much is well, school, doing 3d animations with blender 3d (free animation program), playing games and stuff like that. so there you have it so see ya!


2008-04-30 17:08:21 by FlashM2

well due to some help on the art on my upcoming flash, my brother wants me to put in OVER PLAY Studios instead of FlashM2. In the mean time the flashes that I'm NOT making with my brother will be FlashM2.

I'm trying

2008-03-18 17:54:53 by FlashM2

Hi there! I'm kind of getting used to making flashes so they can look better. Also I'm in school so that also delaying me to make anything so basicly i'm trying to make better flashes.